Values And Beliefs

Courage, Compassion, Integrity and Respect for Others

Noblesse Oblige

The French phrase, meaning “nobility obliges”, tells us that being noble entails the responsibility of leading and caring for others. This is the motto that the TCG community lives by.

The essence of nobility is not a fine lifestyle, but a fine life – a life of courage, compassion, integrity and respect for fellow humans, regardless of status or background. These values, taught by both Western and Eastern cultures, are the mark of a true noble and are the tenets of TransCulturalGroup (TCG). The spirit of true nobility is highlighted in TCG’s Chinese name, which is 淳仕传承 (chúnshì chuánchéng).[淳]is a character of ancient origin, representing purity and virtue, while[仕]has double meanings – firstly, it was the term for an imperial scholar-official, and secondly, it also refers to the act of learning and experiencing life as much as possible while pursuing excellence.[传承]refers to the passing on of values and life lessons that TCG hopes to share with the TCG community.


To help people in their personal growth, in building impeccable character, grace and talent, so that they can achieve their highest potential and lead life to its fullest.

To be the trusted advisors assisting thoughtful global leaders and professionals in appreciating and enjoying life’s journey to its fullest, beyond time, space and cultural boundaries, and helping to make the world a better place through global friendship and understanding.

Core Values

  • Provide “par excellence” service to our clients, never settling for second best.
  • In line with our belief in “Noblesse Oblige”, uphold impeccable values, integrity and mutual respect for others.
  • Invest in the community today, for a better world tomorrow. 

Key Differentiators

TransCultural Group is a company where a team of very talented senior executives believes that it can give back to the community through a business that facilitates cross-cultural exchanges at the highest level. Every senior member of the team has gone through a rich multi-cultural experience and has attained business success in his or her field.

TCG provides a wholesome coaching programme for individuals striving for personal excellence. This includes programmes for Youth, Professionals and Lifestyle Seekers. Other than social graces, TCG’s programmes also emphasize inner growth by cultivating social values and an overall appreciation of life such as in the areas of fine arts and music. TCG aims to provide a complete learning experience with unforgettable moments, helping you to unlock your full potential!