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The Rise of AI

By now, virtually everyone must have heard of ChatGPT, the latest Artificial Intelligence sensation that has taken the tech industry and investment community by storm. Friends frequently ask if I wrote my newsletters (Yes, I write them myself), so I thought I should give some attention to this latest chatbot.

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Having worked in the IT industry, I cautiously created a test account. Soon, I was able to dialogue with my new AI friend. Minutes into it, I was impressed. It is clear why this chatbot triggered “Code RED” @ Google; how it works will disrupt the current search engine-advertisement business model altogether. Here, take a look at the poem my new GPT “assistant” created in less than a minute for you:

The world of AI and robots is here. Many are beginning to find it challenging to understand AI algorithms because it models our brains, and not many of us are neuroscientists to tackle such a complex subject. With trepidation, we ask: Will there be a difference between “them” and “us” as they learn to be more “intelligent”? Will AI beings eventually replace humankind?

I think (at least for the moment) there are some distinct differences between us (humans) and them (AI beings): (1)we (humans) function with intent, (2)we (or most of us) are naturally curious. (3)we (or most of us) are social and desire to connect. If humans retain these differences, we will have the upper hand in managing AI in the human world. Else, machine-learning technology may very well overtake us. I’ll share more on this next time.

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