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September 7 – Brazil Independence Day

Source: Pixabay

Brazil Independence Day takes place every September 7. This holiday is celebrated on a vast scale as it marks their freedom from Portugal’s rule.

From the 16th century to the 19th century, Brazil was under Portuguese occupation. However, in 1807, France invaded Portugal and forced their royal family to flee to Brazil. Dom Pedro, son of the Portuguese king, later gave Brazil equal kingdom status with his country. In 1822, Brazil’s time as a Portuguese colony ended, and Brazil became an independent country.

Brazilians drape their national flag all over homes, stores, and walls on Independence Day. People also wear green, yellow, and blue-themed outfits to honor the occasion. During the holiday, the country holds parades, shows, and events. One parade is the civil-military parade, where the president of Brazil is present at Ministries Esplanade. Every town has a magnificent show attended by lots of tourists and citizens. At night, big cities host grand firework shows to end the holiday with a bang.

Fun Facts About Brazil:

  • Brazil loves soccer as it is the most popular sport in the country.
  • Brazil holds the world’s largest population of Catholics, at around 123 million.
  • Rio de Janeiro hosts the biggest carnival in the world every first week of March.


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