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September 2 – Vietnam National Day

Vietnam flag - independence day

Vietnam National Day, also called Vietnam Independence Day, occurs every September 2. This public holiday celebrates the country’s independence from the French. 

Vietnam was conquered by the French in 1887 and was later occupied by the Japanese during World War II. After the war, no one held colonial power over the country. So, the Vietnamese started the August Revolution to retake power from colonizers. Then on September 2, 1945, Ho Chi Minh, the president at that time, declared Vietnam an independent country.

During the holiday, businesses and schools stay shut so the people can celebrate. Citizens and tourists spend the day watching and participating in parades, shows, fireworks, and carnivals. One event is the huge march in Ba Dinh Square, where the Declaration of Independence was created. Of course, during the holiday, the Vietnam flag covers the buildings and homes in the country. City walls are also adorned with posters of Ho Chi Minh, who helped reclaim their country’s independence.

Fun Facts About Vietnam:

  • There are more than 45 million bikes in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee exporter, with around 10.5% of the world’s coffee exports.
  • In Vietnam, they believe drinking snake wine (putting whole snakes into rice wine) cures back muscle pain.


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