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September 16 – Mexican Independence Day

flag mexico independence day
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On 16 September, Mexico’s Independence day celebrates the country’s freedom from Spanish rule. Their independence day is also called Día de la Independencia.

What makes their independence day unique is that it doesn’t celebrate the moment they gained independence. It marks the first cry for their freedom. On 16 September 1810, a Catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declared a speech in the Mexican town of Dolores. Hidalgo sparked the flame of rebellion, and after ten years, the Spanish gave them their independence on 27 September 1821. 

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated with huge events throughout the country. The people participate in fiestas (parties), firework shows, concerts, and parades. Theatres also perform reenactments of Hidalgo and his impact on the rebellion. Decorations and costumes that display the Mexican flag’s colors fill the public areas. Mexicans also shout “Viva Mexico” to show all their love and pride for the country.

Fun Facts About Mexico

  • Mexicans invented Caesar Salad in 1924.
  • The chihuahua dog breed is named after a state in Mexico.
  • The 34th president of Mexico was only president for one hour. 


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