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September 1 – Slovakia Constitution Day

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Every 1st of September, Slovakia celebrates its constitution day. The Slovaks call it Deň Ústavy Slovenskej Republiky. It commemorates the country’s adoption of its constitution, which soon led to the split of Czechoslovakia and the creation of the Czech and Slovak republics on January 1, 1993.

The Slovak National Council passed the constitution on September 1, 1992, which was signed on September 3 of the same year. Because the constitution was hastily done, many sections were taken from the 1920 constitution of Czechoslovakia. However, today, it has gone through many amendments that reflect the will of the Slovaks.

The Slovaks celebrate this public holiday with traditional street dancing and singing. The Bratislava castle opens its gates to the people as it lights up with the colors of the Republic. When it comes to food, the Slovaks feast on potato pancakes, sauerkraut soup, and fried dumplings during the national day.  

Fun Facts About Slovakia:

  • Slovakia is one of the world’s youngest countries.
  • Over 90% of its citizens completed high school, making it one of the most well-educated countries in Europe.
  • It is home to six World Heritage Sites.
  • Martina Hingis, a renowned tennis champion during the late 1990s, was born in Slovakia.


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