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Owl Annual (SEC Y-1) EN

12-months subscription with access to:

– 2 ETQ Zone lessons
– 6 SK Zone food lessons
– 12 month’s access to (a) World Images Quizzes and (b) World Cultural Insights virtual cards.

*Eligible for SEC certification plus 2 discount vouchers.


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12-months subscription for Owl Social & Etiquette Competency(SEC)Package.
Subscription includes access to:

Two lessons from Social Etiquette(ETQ)Zone (#1: Introduction to World’s Cultural Cluster & #12: Tips for Developing Your ETQ).
Six lessons from Social Etiquette Knowledge Zone.
Twelve months’ access to World Cultural Images quizzes.
Twelve months’ access to World Cultural Insights virtual cards.
* On completion, participants will get a “SEC-Owl” course certification. The package also includes two discount vouchers.


Our latest launch for online learning to inspire global mindset for youths. Parents guiding youths will find this course as exciting, as they accompany their learning journey around the globe.


We are proud for our 100% satisfaction record. Please contact us should you think you are disappointed with your experience.


This is an online course. No shipping required

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