TCG Cultural Insights Cards (Latin America)

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Discover Latin America with an interactive and fun flashcard game, designed for 2-4 players. These mix and match cards give you insight into the cultural customs, histories and norms of Latin America, expanding your cultural educational journey.

The Secret Garden of ‘N’

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The Secret Garden of ‘N’ A book recounting the enchanting adventures of two children from China into the world of an old French family and the meaning and values of nobility. Journey with Xiao Qi and Xiao Yu as they visit the famous Loire Valley, experience the French “savoir vivre” and discover values they will always hold dear to their hearts with their new friends Charles and Claire. When Xiao Qi received an old red leather-bound book from her globetrotting Aunt Christine, neither she nor her brother Xiao Yu anticipated the mysterious card with an invitation to visit the Château du Saint-Cloud, an ancient castle in France, with a French Count and his family. As the two Chinese children explore the castle, new and incredible things like a talking dog and a secret garden are revealed to them, and a very warm lifelong friendship is formed. The book is both in English and Chinese.