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Professional and Business Chinese Women Broaden Cultural Intelligence with European Exploratory Program



As China continues to expand business overseas and professionals compete in the global workplace, the desire for Western etiquette and social graces has grown among China’s elite.

To meet this growing need, Ms Keng Keng Tan, Managing Director of TransCultural Group (TCG), with the support of a renowned, world-class Swiss finishing school, launched a “Cultural Exploratory” programme for China’s elite professional and business women. Two groups visited Switzerland in March and November, and were able to complete an intensive etiquette course gaining competence in Western social and dining practices. Participants also learned to operate with a global mindset.

“Today, more than ever, cultural awareness, empathy and intelligence are skills thoughtful leaders must acquire to build prosperous businesses and achieve personal success,” Ms Keng Keng Tan, Founder of TransCultural Group. “Our foundation is built on bridging cultures and grooming future leaders who excel on a global platform.”

TCG’s “Cultural Exploratory” programme is a journey to Europe to discover Western cultures through an “Asian” lense, creating an interesting learning environment that goes beyond just surface-level skills, taught in any classroom. Workshops are filled with activities and interesting discoveries experienced in person, that are unique for Asian participants and extremely practical when they are in “cross-cultural” situations.

The programme goes beyond the classroom and immerses the group in real-life experiences. The pilot groups visited a top Swiss boarding school, walked the Swiss Riviera, and attended nightly dinner workshops where they practiced newly learned dining and cross-cultural skills. One of the experience highlights participants appreciated was a visit to a Middle Eastern restaurant to enjoy a Moroccan meal. They were excited to experience Middle Eastern cultures, and would have never done it on their own. Apart from dining, they had the opportunity to view an exhibition of fine, hand-woven Persian carpets. In addition, the groups journeyed to the cities of Zurich, Interlaken, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux, Vevey, Leysin and Geneva.

“As the world continues to progress, boundaries disappear and marketplaces expand rapidly, global enterprises emerge be it large or small,” said Ms Tan. “Individuals are becoming more mobile, and by understanding cultures beyond one’s own, it bridges friendships and enables one to explore a richer world and have a full life experience.”

About TransCultural Group

TransCultural Group (TCG) is a premier consulting firm that provides high quality learning programs, including workshops and customised cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence. The company is founded to provide an exclusive and unparalleled learning environment for the development of refined and thoughtful leaders worldwide, beyond time, space and cultural boundaries. Through comprehensive coaching and grooming programs, TCG bridges the cultures of the East and West, and provides an unforgettable, treasured experience that lasts a lifetime. Visit ‘About TCG’ for more information