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By the Numbers – 100% Satisfaction with More Than 1000 Participants


It started with a dream and passion, to create and build a business through which we can share our life journeys and experiences. A journey where we had the good fortune to travel and see the world, to meet and work with people from different cultures, to create values greater than self…

Through TransCultural Group, the enjoyable and fulfilling experience is what we want to share.

With more than 1,000 participants from more than 20 countries, and a 100% confidence rating, you have given us tremendous encouragement that we are on the right path.

Thank you very much, and we hope you will continue to be a part of our journey as we pursue our dreams!

About TransCultural Group

TransCultural Group (TCG) is a premier consulting firm that provides high quality learning programs, including workshops and customised cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence. The company is founded to provide an exclusive and unparalleled learning environment for the development of refined and thoughtful leaders worldwide, beyond time, space and cultural boundaries. Through comprehensive coaching and grooming programs, TCG bridges the cultures of the East and West, and provides an unforgettable, treasured experience that lasts a lifetime. Visit ‘About TCG’ for more information.