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Newsletter: 2020 May

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"A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you..."

– Rumi, Persian poet, 1207-1273 –

Life has become very different for many of us under the lockdown and safe distancing measures to tackle Covid-19. For the last month or so, we began to live a more secluded life, doing our parts as a member of our communities. Rumi’s quote above spoke to me as I dwell with this self-imposed isolation. Yes, moments of solitude can bring us great insights and can also rejuvenate us in ways that we might not have anticipated. Many successful people and senior executives have the practice of taking some time off to be alone. Some go for annual retreats in monasteries, some go for hidden places unknown to tourists, and some may take the simpler step by practicing daily meditation at home. Rightfully, I suppose they have figured out the gifts solitude may bring.

Here are three quotes. Maybe we can leverage the wisdom while searching for ours:

1. “The best thinking has been done in solitude. The worst has been done in turmoil.” Thomas A. Edison

2. “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” Albert Einstein

3. “I enjoy the freedom and solitude. In those moments, I remember who I am and what I want in life.” Anonymous

All the best in finding what life is giving you during your quiet moments!

Stay safe, and keep well!
A Journey A Month…
Your Story. Our Story. The Human Story.

Each day we get more information about the coronavirus pandemic. Some are assuring and encouraging as we learn of scientists getting better data and making progress towards finding a solution. At the same time, some are depressing and worrisome, especially news about the mounting death tolls, and the magnitude of the economic impact. Regardless of where we are, I think most of us have realised the post-Covid-19 world will be very different, and a very challenging one.

One of the damning adverse outcomes the pandemic will leave for those who survive it will be a more competitive and challenging job market. Recession and rising unemployment rates are beginning to stage news headlines. Businesses, small and large, are tightening their belts as the world has never experienced this before, and no one is certain about the economic damage. Cost-cuttings measures across business areas reduce demands for the workforce, and operational initiatives to accelerate conversion to automation and AI will further tighten the job market. Many will need to re-skill, especially in the industries most shaken by the pandemic. All of a sudden, instead of 2030, businesses have to address the “Future of Jobs” now, to survive and thrive.

2030 to 2050: Robots and AI

This new world will be difficult for many job-seekers. There will be lesser jobs for many more applicants. A candidate will have to convince the hiring manager that he/she will be the best choice. Often, the deciding moment is during the interviews when interviewers assess the candidates’ characters from the way they respond to questions.

Here is a question that may soon come up in interviews:

How did you spend your days during the Covid-19 lockdown? Please describe a day in your life during the lockdown.

The answer can provide quite some insights. Because TIME is the most precious asset a person can own, how a person chose to spend it will tell us a lot about the individual. Is the individual resilient? Discipline? Resourceful? What is his/her circle of influence and connection, limited due to lockdown? Or is he/she capable of leveraging technology? If you are new or going to remain in the workforce for some time, I hope my question can be a trigger for you not to remain idle. Decide how you wish to spend your remaining lockdown days. What would you do? Would you take a proactive and strategic approach to skill yourself in the preparation of a new world? Or would you take up a new hobby? Or relax by watching a new TV series on Netflix? Whatever your choice is, as long as you’ve taken your decision knowing that TIME is one of the most precious assets we will ever have in life, it will be the BEST for you!

“Just as what is considered rational or irrational differs for each person, in the same way, what is good or evil and useful or useless differs for each person…”

– Epictetus, Stoic philosopher, 50-135 C.E.-

We, at TransCultural Group (TCG), are determined to play our parts in making the world a better place, and we have teamed up with the Cultural Intelligence Centre, U.S.A to bring their well-researched and designed CQ assessment tools to our clients in the Asia Pacific.

We are passionate about building bridges and breaking down walls. Please join us in this journey.

Beyond Boundaries – Crossing Cultures

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The world is fascinating, simply because 

differences exist...

Spread the words, share the vision, do our part!


Keng Keng Tan
Founder & CEO
TransCultural Group