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Newsletter: 2017 November

2017 November Greetings Newsletter

The year has flown by – we are now in November! The TCG team has finally reached another milestone – we have launched our online learning modules for Youths and Young Adults!

We want to celebrate this milestone with you.

A Journey A Month…

Your Story. Our Story. The Human Story.

As we were researching materials to include in our CQ learning module, we thought we simply cannot miss this … An epic journey to discover our geographic roots…

Geno 2.0 TCG

I placed the order for the Geno 2.0 Next Generation kits, they arrived via UPS a week after.

The instructions were simple – do not drink, eat, chew gum or smoke for at least an hour before using the cheek swabs to taken your DNA samples, place the cheek swabs in the labeled vial tubes included in the kit and the filled consent form in the provided envelope and send it back to National Geographic Society.

Now, awaiting for the result of “My Story”, I think about our fore-fathers, the first modern humans who have traveled out of Africa, more than 60,000 years ago, through Eurasia and then paved their ways across all directions to then populated this world. Those ancestors of ours were courageous adventurers, the desires to see what was beyond brought them onto their journey, the greatest ever made.

We are not the first globetrotters, and we will not be the last. Our children, our children’s children and more generations to come will explore beyond our imaginations. It is in our DNAs as humans.

native american TCG

As we explore beyond our comfort zones, we shall encounter people or things foreign to us. We can resist with much stress, or we can embrace them with much appreciation and take them as additions to our personal stories that we will share with future generations.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) enables us to journey on in this diverse global world, with the ability to appreciate and to address the difference amongst us. As I went through the story of this great Genographic Project:

I say to myself: “As many as there are differences between us, there are as many similarities I share with you!”

I am now more convinced than ever, embarking on TCG’s journey to help bridging cultures beyond boundaries is the right thing to do.

Thanks for signing up for our newsletter. Join us to spread our effort to make the world a better place. There are more things we share than divide!

Wishing you a very good November and for those residing in the northern hemisphere, a beautiful fall season!