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Chinese Students Expand Global Culture Aptitude with TCG-Wanhe Education Workshops


Chinese students are advancing their cultural aptitude and increasing their potential for global success, with Wanhe educational workshops from TransCultural Group, in Singapore.

Students today are faced with an increasing cultural challenge. As the economy and world continue to evolve, cultural boundaries are increasingly reduced. Business leaders across the world agree that cross-cultural knowledge is critical to success, making it an essential piece of the educational journey.
Since its launch in 2015, approximately 300 students have completed the “Cultural Exploratory and Social Etiquette” workshops, organized by Wanhe International and its partner TransCultural Group, with great success in Singapore. Overall, a 100 percent satisfaction rating has been given, with indications of high quality educational content, facilities, and overall experience – from both students and parents.

With a fortified knowledge and understanding of one’s own culture, and practical insight into the social skills and norms needed to operate in an intercultural capacity, students secure a foundation for sustainable success and achievement, both professionally and personally.

TransCultural Group is a premier consulting firm that provides high-quality learning programs, including workshops and customized cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence.

These half-day or full- day “Wanhe – TransCultural Group” workshops serve as the premier resource of intercultural development for Chinese students. Students are encouraged to first develop awareness of their root culture, upon which they can expand. Designed to spark interest in exploring cultures other than their own, students participate in fun and interesting activities, learning about global citizenship, East and West cultural dynamics, and the social graces needed for intercultural success. And in summary, students are treated to a three-course, authentic western meal, learning modern culinary customs and proper etiquette.

Wanhe International is a professional agency specializing in student exchange and training programs, with a strong emphasis on intercultural study and development.

“With a China MOE Study Abroad License, and China MOE Training School License, we serve as a qualified resource for families and students, looking to broaden their educational horizon and secure increased global success opportunities. We are very happy to partner with TransCultural Group to provide these interesting cultural exploratory workshops for our students” says Mr Roddy Mu, Founder and CEO of Wanhe International.

“A trusted partnership with Wanhe International gives TransCultural Group the insight and resources needed to transform students into future thoughtful global leaders,” states Ms Tan. “These workshops serve as the foundational stepping stone for cultural education, to cultivate individuals that are prepared to secure success on a global platform.”

About TransCultural Group

TransCultural Group (TCG) is a premier consulting firm that provides high quality learning programs, including workshops and customised cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence. The company is founded to provide an exclusive and unparalleled learning environment for the development of refined and thoughtful leaders worldwide, beyond time, space and cultural boundaries. Through comprehensive coaching and grooming programs, TCG bridges the cultures of the East and West, and provides an unforgettable, treasured experience that lasts a lifetime. Visit ‘About TCG’ for more information.

About Wanhe International

Wanhe International is an education, training and recruiting agency, established in 2003. With strong support from the China Embassy, and China Enterprises Association, Wanhe International delivers quality resources and services to students and professionals, spanning a wide variety of business and educational applications. With six unique branches, in China and Singapore, Wanhe International specializes in student recruitment, student exchange and immersion program, corporate training, and human resource recruiting services.