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My Diary, My Life Story

2022 January TCG newsletter tablet, books

Each year, despite everything going electronic and online, I will still go out and get a diary/planner in Dec as part of my new year ritual. Last week, when I opened my new 2022 diary, I found a pleasant surprise, a lovely note inserted in its cover.

Let me share the extract of the note with you:

“Just like when a new movie is about to be released, the year 2022 is about to begin. Why don’t you start the new year feeling like a character in a movie? Whether it is an exciting adventure, a heart-fluttering romance, a comedy that brings you laughter and tears, or a road movie that will heal your loneliness. Now, let a new story begin. “

What a nice gesture from the diary maker! Indeed, it is cheerful to keep writing our stories; with an open heart, the journey shall be colourful and enriching, and when we look back one day, all these will be an enchanting soundtrack of a movie or a canvas of a masterpiece, a work by us!

People often ask about our purpose in life. Viktor Emil Frankl, an Austrian doctor who authored the bestseller “Man’s Search for Meaning,” said it is not a question for us to ask. Instead, we are being asked that question, and we and our actions are the answers.

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