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Kindness, Virtues, Connection

Yin Yang -TCG

Raised with Eastern philosophical root, I always embrace duality (Ying and Yang) when examining life’s happenings. As Winston Churchill said when he worked with other world leaders to form the United Nations after WW II: ” Never let a good crisis go to waste!” How useful his insight can be for all of us, considering the chaotic events the world had to go through in 2020.

TCG 2021 January Kindness, virtues, connection

To me, the three words above were the direct results of the earlier three shared in December. In times of a crisis, we get to see the best and the worst of humanity. While some leaders acted deplorably by not taking the necessary actions, we also witnessed many who stepped forward and took duty above self to care for others during the pandemic. From frontline professionals, scientists, governments, and ordinary folks, we continue to hear many stories that demonstrate kindness, compassion, solidarity, duty, and other moral virtues that deserve loud applause.

Hidden behind the alarming statistics, Covid-19 is a wake-up call to crush our assumption that we are above all that is around us. According to scientists, HIVs, SARS, Bird-flu and now Covid-19 were the results of us disrupting our ecosystem’s natural balance as we build our megacities.

TCG 2021 January - woman on cliff

Due to pandemic lock-downs, unknowingly, the digital or virtual world has quickly become part of our life. Today, more of us than ever rely on digital devices to communicate and connect. While our earth may have resulted from a massive “Big-Bang” collision, we should pay close attention as this new virtual world’s come crashing into our conventional world. Unchecked, an over-reliance on an absorbing digital lifestyle may cause a retreat from our real world. If the pandemic can teach us something, it is to caution us that we should always find a balance in all things. Therefore, we need to continue to cherish our human connection.

Hopefully, 2020 will remind us how critical it is for us to respect all beings and appreciate the kindness and virtues that matter most to our hearts. While there was divisive rhetoric in some parts of the world, there was also unity amongst people to retaliate against it. In 2020, we have seen a rising commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in business. With this heightened awareness, it may help us build a better future for the world. Looking back, I thank 2020 for every lesson it has brought us. Harsh, challenging, but necessary if we human wish to survive and continue to evolve on this planet!

May the lessons we learnt in 2020 guide us towards a brighter 2021!

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