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August 17: Indonesia Independence Day

flag Indonesia independence day
Source: Pexels

Indonesia Independence Day is a holiday celebrating the country’s freedom from the Netherlands. Their Independence Day is on August 17 and has been celebrated since 1945.

The holiday started when Queen Juliana of the Netherlands granted Indonesia independence. After 300 years under Dutch occupation, they finally celebrated their country’s freedom. 

The holiday included many activities such as concerts, plays, and parades. They also had traditional sports events like sack racing and climbing a pinang tree. During the celebration, people eat crackers called “krupuk” and tasty fruits hanging from strings. 

Fun Facts About Indonesia

  • Indonesia is the world’s largest island country.
  • A volcano in Indonesia erupts blue lava.
  • Two-thirds of Indonesia are uninhabited.

For more fun facts about Indonesia, check out this YouTube video:


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