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August 15 – India Independence Day

flag India independence day
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The India Independence Day on August 15 celebrates the end of British rule and the beginning of India’s Independence. 

The history behind this holiday was that Indians directed mass movements such as the Quit India Movement and the Non-cooperation Movement to end the British Conquest. The uprisings and mutiny forced the British to leave the country and transfer their power back to India. The country finally gained independence on August 15, 1974.

Indians begin their holiday by saluting their flag and singing their national anthem. India’s Prime Minister delivers a televised speech that discusses major accomplishments and future goals for the country. The citizens then celebrate by attending concerts, parades, firework shows, and kite rituals. Even though some buildings and shops are closed, their walls glow with festive lights. You may see people wearing tri-colored clothes, pins, and wristbands dedicated to the holiday.

Fun Facts About India

  • India’s name derives from the River Indus
  • There are more phones than toilets in India
  • India invented chess around 280-550 AD

To learn more fun facts about India, click on this YouTube link:


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